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Working with Alexis has been a life changing experience for me.  As a working mom of five year old twins, I had become accustomed to grasping for anything that my I thought might relieve my stress, whether it be chocolate, wine, pizza, fries, etc. without realizing that I was not only getting in my way, but my family’s way. I no longer recognized myself. I no longer had the body I once had before my children were born and wasn’t sure that I ever would get it back or have the strength to make the difficult choices that could change my course.  I felt like I was drowning meeting everyone’s needs but my own, that there was no time or space for my own needs.  Alexis has helped me come up for air and breathe and see that meeting my needs makes it more possible to meet my family’s needs.   She has helped me find a lost connection with myself and helped me understand that I actually do have the ability to make changes that will make my life and my family’s life healthier.  She has helped me see clearly what habits weigh me down and find strength to make healthy choices.   She comes to the process with a beautiful education and understanding of how food can nurture us and how it can hurt us.  She is not result oriented. She is methodical, patient and process oriented. The decision to work with Alexis has without question lengthened my life.  She is a warrior princess and she is helping me figure out that someday I might feel like a warrior princess too. 


- Samantha B.


For the last six months, I had lost the willpower to make the right choices. I was snacking all the time and drinking more than I should. I did not look good and I felt even worse. I did not sleep well and was concerned about health issues.  Hence, I decided to do the cleanse. 


Detoxing under the guidance of Alexis and the support of nine wonderful young women, was an absolutely gratifying experience. Alexis is a passionate and inspiring coach. She inspired all of us.  I feel much stronger now. I look and feel better. But most of all, I feel I am in control again. And I am making better choices for myself.


- Vaggi L.


The truth is… I was totally freaked about embarking on a 21 day cleanse. What did I need to do?? 


I had always considered myself a disciplined eater who ferociously indulged in articles re: "clean" eating and living. And I did my utmost to also expose my family to this “clean” ethos. But I needed more—more guidance and information. And I needed to curb that vice called red wine!!!! I was also experiencing dramatic hormonal shifts in my 40s, namely acne, that was only kept at bay with medication. After a year on prescription medicine (which I hated taking) I'd had enough, and wanted a change. I wanted to reset, and see what would happen to my body (& mind) if I shifted things... 


Then Alexis (my fantastic, and ridiculously hot Pilates instructor) asked if I would like to join her 21 day cleanse program. I was also about to enter my 43rd year in a month, so I was like "hell yes, let's do this!". But... I was still completely freaked!


So, here I am 30 days later and 43 & 7 days older, and if I say so myself—I look amazing! My hormonal skin is clear (I've been off my medication for over a month) and I feel SO clean. And it was easy—not scary! There's been a shift, not only in my outlook, but with in my relationship with food. I feel enlightened, and empowered. My new awareness has/will not only help my health, but also my families. 


Oh! I've had a couple wines & champagnes post-cleanse (birthday cheers!), but I don't feel like drinking like I did pre-cleanse. I've unconsciously adopted a new mindset. 


Alexis’ guidance was was brilliant. I could not have embarked on this journey without her. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and well read, but you can clearly see that she loves helping people and her job. Thank you Alexis, this was exactly what i needed in my life—right now. 


- Jessica F.

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The 21 day cleanse is a great way to modify your diet and change the way in which you look at food and nutrition. It's a very balanced cleanse that leaves you feeling full and without a feeling of hunger. You feel comfortable as you learn of and recognize the food habits and eating routines that could be the source of weight gain, bloating, fatigue and an overall lack of wellness. Alexis does an amazing job of helping you realize your own personal food habits and routines that could be affecting your health. She assesses each person on an individual basis and gets to the root of the personal matters that could be affecting each individual. What's great about her approach is that you enjoy food and learn to enjoy a new array of foods, with her amazing recipes. By doing her cleanse I recognized the poor eat habits I had in my life, some just because they were my eating routine. She helps change those habits and routines, with the introduction of new habits that are delicious, refreshing, healing and invigorating. Alexis is an inspiring coach and she motivates everyone in the process.

I've been going to Alexis's HIIT class at the gym for a while now, and she has always struck me as such a powerful force. Her classes are always packed, and looking at her you can see why. She is in fantastic shape. When she announced that she was doing a group cleanse I was immediately interested. 

My skin had recently started turning into a red itchy mess with patches of scaly dryness on my face and neck. I went to a conventional doctor who told me it was called neuro dermatitis, which was a skin condition caused by stress. I'm a working single mom, so stress is definitely a factor in my life. 

The group that I did the cleanse with was great, and Alexis equipped us with tons of knowledge and information about what we were embarking on. She gave us recipes, (that are delicious) and spoke to us in detail about what we were doing and why. 

Throughout the cleanse she kept up with our progress and was very encouraging. The cleanse was actually much easier to do than I thought. With those recipes it actually became fun because it is such a new outlook on cooking and eating. I started watching vegan cooking shows on youtube and reading about different theories on plant based nutrition. 

It was really an inspiring experience, both to meet a great group of ladies, and to see someone like Alexis who is constantly acquiring new knowledge about nutrition and is excited to share it! 

I would recommend this to anyone. It was an amazing experience, and my skin has improved dramatically!


Alexis’ Cleanse program experience was phenomenal! As a holistic health self-practitioner, I have tried many different detox programs in my whole life and this one has been my best result. I must say that her cleanse technique is superior. I love the simplicity and the results. 


To say that I have had bowel problems, skin eczema, allergies and insomnia in the past are the understatements of the year after my pregnancy, I just prayed and asked for something that really could help me to get back my health, body and mind. My hormonal system was collapsed.


I met this wonderful woman Alexis at the YMCA Gym – and thank god for it! 

She opened my eyes to remind me about how important is commitment, and keep simple a good style of life. Is not a difficult diet, it’s a wonderful menu to learn to eat better, better choices, better food and better life. 


I learned a lot of things through her to keep my full body conscious, inner connection, lighter, no more bloating, no more constipation, better way to sleep…ooh la la much better to say I AM FEELIN GREAT. Great Results is all I can say… I lost the last 8 pounds left after my pregnancy, those pounds were like frozen, it was very difficult to drop them even doing extreme exercise almost every day and following strong diets.

Today by today I have better options to eat good, easy and yummy.


Why not detoxify your system seeing as we live in an ever-increasing toxic environment and food industry? Don't turn to drugs to feel better, try a more natural, easy way. It's a good experience that every on deserve to try. I'm happy with my detox and will no doubt to continue this cleanse into the future.


I highly recommend Alexis Lieberman as a great holistic nutritional and health instructor, likewise as a good person, confident and realistic.

The best thing ever is to be in contact with a person who is reliable, professional, and know very well this matter. 



Thank You Alexis for your help and support.


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"For those of you who are all about the numbers and just want the facts; the 21- day cleanse works. I lost 5 pounds, 2% body fat, and 1 inch from my bust, 1 inch from my upper waist, 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips, and 2 inches from my thighs!! How ya like them apples! Booyah! That’s right. 


For those of you who like the warm fuzzy story behind the story, first let me start with our fearless leader Alexis Lieberman. This VERY knowledgeable, very warm, loving, supportive guide led me on a journey I will not soon forget. What I thought was going to be a way to get over the weight loss hump that I was stuck on. (Excessive weight gain with both my pregnancies and not being in my 20’s, hell, let’s face it, I’m not even in my 30’s!) I managed to take off most of the weight with high impact classes, yoga, and diet (or so I thought) but it was still not the ME I once knew looking back in the mirror. Was I destined to look like all the other middle-aged moms in other parts of the country? (We are after all in LA!) I was almost resigned to believe that until Alexis told me about the 21 day cleanse, what it is designed to do, (balance hormones, detox the kidney and liver, and change the way we look at food) I was in. 


As I embarked on the journey of doing my first cleanse my first thought was...I am going to starve to death! And I’m going to be supper cranky without my cup of Joe in the morning AND how am I going to not eat sugar!!! The simple truth is, I didn’t miss one of these things and I was not starving. This is a real food cleanse, 2 liquid meals and one sold meal in the middle of the day as to give your body a chance to do the work it can’t during the night because we eat too late or too much. This way of eating and looking at food has changed my life. I know that sounds heavy, but it’s true. I feel like I have control over the way I eat instead of food being in control of me. I can say “no” to certain things that I couldn’t before because I didn’t have the will power. Turns out you don't need “will power”, you just need knowledge. Knowledge is POWER. 


Alexis made it easy, she set us up for success by providing us with a cleanse packet that had the detox explanation, why we do the detox, how to best prepare for the detox and had so many great recipes to chose from.


The first week for me I was riding high, I felt great, was already starting to feel leaner, lighter and had more long lasting energy throughout the day. The second was more of the same except the biggest change was my relationship with food was starting to change. I found myself looking at food as a source of nutrition and as a life source, not something to use to stuff down my feelings. As a person with 7 years of sobriety, I know when I’m not dealing with what is coming at me but I had not realized how much I zoned out on sugar during times of extreme stress. Having that change was the biggest gift of this entire experience.


Now when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I can honestly say “hey! I know you!.” I have also gone back to reading all labels, started using non-toxic cleaners again and feel like I'm dong the very best for my family. You have to put the mask on yourself before you can help anyone else so go ahead, put the mask on yourself and go on this amazing journey with Alexis – you won’t regret it." 



-Jennifer Mann 


"I started Alexis' 21-day cleanse on 9/14. It's 10/21 and I am feeling better than ever. 


I won't lie...the first 21 days were hard.  Week two I was ANGRY because even though the ULTIMATE goal was about health and not weight loss, I was working way too hard -- NOT eating even a single bite of my son's quesadillas, french fries, pizza, his grilled cheese sandwich crusts I'd cut off every day....  Taking out the daily cup of coffee and the Diet Coke were surprisingly easy, but those delicious morsels tempted me every time.  Then week three... MY (not-so-regular-anymore) PERIOD arrived and the water retention fell off.  I'm now at week six and coffee changed from "something I DO to something I GET TO DO, and each daily cup is now SUCH a TREAT.  The Diet Coke is gone and my favorite daily drink is water with lemon juice and stevia.  Today at 3:30p for the first time I did NOT feel the energy DUMP at my son's weekly play date!!  The junk is still looser in my shoulders and I feel long and lean and love getting into my clothes.  A little sugar and a little cheese and a little wheat have crept into my diet, but so little that I'm truly realizing the lifestyle change!  My choices are different and invariably better and the weight is staying off.  Restaurants are more salad/soup/fish focused and eating at home is more mindful.   


But different.  With a little less...I don't know...toxicity...? and a little more... space/room/good health...I have a little more room for love and light and the capacity to give and receive the love to and from the important things in my life.  


Sooo, Alexis' cleanse/detox, with HER love and light and coaching and inspiration with our group, has changed mine.  It wasn't easy, but I couldn't recommend it more highly."  

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