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Heal Your Roots 21-Day Cleanse

Alexis Lieberman Good Roots Wellness Health Coach 21-Day Cleanse

About the Program


My experience with Cleansing and Detoxification Programs began when I started noticing a pattern in my clients’ health. The prevailing complaint was poor digestion, which is particularly troubling because 80% of our immune system resides in our gut. Gut dysfunction sets off a chain reaction though our bodies that can manifest itself in many different organ systems, disguised as various symptoms of disease. Most often, the cause of this dysfunction is the toxic triggers that we are exposed to from the environment, the beverages we drink and the FOOD WE EAT.  


When it comes to food, the most common toxic triggers are dairy, gluten, excessive caffeine and alcohol. Others may include soy, corn, eggs, factory farmed meat, citrus, and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc.). These foods/substances affect the body differently, but the one thing they all have in common is that they create an inflammatory response in the body. 


Inflammation is a perfectly natural biological phenomenon that the body initiates whenever there is a trauma, foreign invader, virus, bacteria, or toxin etc. When inflammation is localized, for example, blood rushing to the site of a bruise to try to heal the tissue, there is no cause for concern...this is actually a good, restorative process. However, when the inflammation becomes systemic, the result is a body that is in a constant state of "survival mode." The symptoms of this systemic inflammation can include weight gain, feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, puffy, gassy, constipated, irritable, achy, moody, slow, depressed, and just in general "not your best." If left unchecked, these symptoms can evolve into various auto-immune diseases (where the immune system literally turns against itself), such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, arthritis, heart disease and even diabetes. Most or all of these syndromes/diseases can be controlled, eliminated, and more importantly prevented through diet. This just goes to show what a powerful tool food can be to achieve better health and well being!


I designed my HEAL YOUR ROOTS CLEANSE after years of education, research, and personal experimentation. I have created a program that is extremely effective but also completely manageable, sustainable and delicious! This Program will help you cleanse your body from toxins, balance your hormones, reduce chronic inflammation, shed unwanted weight, boost your energy levels, completely transform your health, and allow your body and mind to function in an optimal state. 


What are you waiting for? Take charge of your health today! 


Alexis Lieberman Good Roots Wellness Health Coach 21-Day Cleanse

Are you TOXIC? 


Take a moment to evaluate your current state of wellness by asking yourself the following questions? 



Do you have headaches?

Do you tend to get colds or viruses each year?

Are your bowel movements less frequent than after every meal?

Do you have bowel movements that are not soft and easily passed?

Do you have diarrhea more than very rarely?

Do your eyes get itchy and watery?

Do you have allergies or hay fever?

Do you get congested or mucousy?

Do you get rashes or have eczema?

Do you feel bloated after eating?

Do you carry extra pounds that won't come off with diet and exercise?

Do you have puffiness in areas of your face and body?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Do you get heartburn or indigestion? (If so, after eating what foods?)

Do you have gas more than occasionally?

Do you have bad breath or body odor?

Is there a thin white film on the back of your tongue upon waking up?

Do you get cravings for certain types of foods, especially sugary, starchy, or dairy foods?

Is your sleep deep and restful or light and restless?

Do you have itchy skin, pimples, or any other troubling skin condition?

Do you get pain or stiffness in your joints or muscles?

Do you have low moods, a foggy mind, or depressive episodes?

Do you ever feel forgetful, distracted, or have difficulty concentrating?

Do you feel apathetic and tired?

Do you feel anger or bursts of irrational frustration?

Do you use prescription medication? If so, which ones and for how long?

Do you use many harsh toxic chemicals in either your home or work environment?

Do you have trouble breathing or snore at night?



If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you are a good candidate for doing a Cleanse. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, or simply trying to obtain a balanced, sustainable state of vibrant health, my Holistic 21-Day HEAL YOUR ROOTS Cleanse Program will get you “unstuck” and able to start living life to its fullest.  

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