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Coaching & Consulting

Signature 6-Month Program

Through one-on-one coaching sessions I will help you assess and integrate all the aspects of your life, from the food on your plate to what is truly feeding your soul so that you can achieve a balanced foundation for health and happiness. Health coaching will provide you with the tools to break self-destructive habits, bring mindful awareness to your everyday life, and enact meaningful change that will elevate and transform you forever. 

21-Day Holistic Cleanse

A 21-day intensive whole foods cleanse that will help you cleanse your body from toxins, reduce chronic inflammation, balance hormones, shed unwanted weight, boost your energy levels, completely transform your health, and allow your body and mind to function in an optimal state.  I have personally designed this Cleanse to be a powerful and deeply transformative process which is ideal to integrate midway into a 6-Month Program.

Fitness Consulting

Are you stuck in a routine at the gym that has become boring and ineffective? Have you hit a plateau in your fitness goals? Are you new to working out and not sure how to start an exercise program that is appropriate for you? Whatever your goal, whether it is carving out a six pack, running a marathon, or just trying to get off the couch and start moving, I can design a personalized fitness program that will make your dreams a reality.

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Kitchen/Pantry Makeover

I will guide you through the process of cleaning out your pantry and fridge, teach you how to read labels, and show you how to detect dangerous chemicals in your food. Together we will purge your home of any toxic offenders that may be lurking on your shelves.  I will also help you identify junk foods that are disguised as health foods, which are often a hidden roadblock to wellness.

Grocery Tours

The choices you make at the grocery store can either make or break any well-intentioned nutritional program. In this world of toxic junk food, GMOS, and deceptive marketing, it is more important than ever to be an informed consumer and an intelligent shopper. I will help you navigate the ins and outs of grocery shopping, from reading nutritional labels, to deciphering misleading marketing claims, to understanding what terms like organic, local, grass-fed, farm-raised, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, etc, really mean. I will also share my best tips and resources for buying the highest quality food for the best prices, helping you save money on your grocery bills without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value!

Home Cooking/Meal Prep Intensive

A customized cooking lesson where you will learn how to prepare simple, wholesome, and delicious meals. I will teach you easy strategies to make your time in the kitchen organized, enjoyable and efficient. Most importantly I will show you how to prepare food so that you don't spend hours washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen!

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Group Programs

Personal Training

I am currently taking clients for in-person Private Training in Athens, Greece only, specifically in the Northern Suburbs. At the moment, I offer a variety of training modalities specified to your specific needs including pilates, yoga, TRX, HIIT, weight training and other forms of intuitive movement. 

Cooking Workshops

Pick from any of the following themes, or design your own!

  • Clean Cooking 101: Meal Prep for the Whole Family

  • How to Survive the Holidays without Busting your Pants or Losing your Mind

  • Superfoods for Real-life Superheroes!

  • Liquid Gold: Smoothies, Tonics, and Elixirs

  • Digestive Wellness: Probiotic Foods, Culturing and Fermentation

  • Vegan, Vegetarian and/or Raw Foods Intensive



21-Day Group Cleanse

A 21-day intensive whole foods cleanse designed to remove toxic triggers, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, repair digestive dysfunction and pave the way for vibrant health. Includes Initial Consult and weekly coaching sessions, meal plans, recipes, and many additional resources. In addition to all the information, education, and coaching, you will have the added benefit of the support, accountability and camaraderie that is unique to the group process. 


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