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Hello Strangers!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hello friends! Its been a while since I’ve been in touch. A lot has happened for me personally during the last two years. With so much craziness happening in the world right now, I thought it would be a good time to reconnect!

Some of you already know all the details, but for others, it may seem like I dropped off the face of the planet! For those who feel I have gone MIA or for newcomers (welcome!) I will include a quick summary of my recent personal experiences.

A deep-seated need for a radical life change prompted me and my husband to leave Los Angeles in June 2018 with our 3 kids and a 40 foot container with most of our personal belongings. I arrived in Athens, Greece, 7 and a half months pregnant and after about a month of hunting for houses, midwives, and schools for the kids, we finally got settled in Kifissia, a beautiful, green suburb to the north of Athens. At only 35 and 5 days pregnant, my water broke unexpectedly while we were unpacking, and less than two hours later, without hot water or power and nothing but a shower curtain thrown over my newly delivered mattress, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby that we named Odysseus. Our family unit felt complete and we began to create our new life as a family of SIX!

The last two years have been very eye-opening for me. Despite minor logistical difficulties getting our footing here in Athens, I personally have experienced a profound shift in consciousness and in the physical manifestation of my everyday life. One of the gifts that my last pregnancy gave me was the space to tune in to and cultivate my intuition and my guiding “inner voice.” In my personal experience, whenever my thoughts, words and actions are aligned with my intuition and my inner voice, my life becomes easy, joyful and ripe with connection. This state of being has many names…synchronicity, being mindfully present, being “in the flow,” etc. Conversely, whenever I am fighting “the flow,” not being mindful in the present moment, being closed off to experience and connection or simply “following directions” trying to inadvertently please others, I find myself misaligned, plagued by misfortune and feeling “out of step” with the Universe.

The last two years have been very “flowy” for me. I have truly relished raising a fourth baby after a more than seven year break. It has been pure joy to watch him grow up, surrounded by so much love from us and his brothers and sister. It has also been wonderful to be a mother again after accruing so much experience, confidence and grit from raising the previous three. Something vital that truly added to this joy was bonding with a group of like-minded women, all with babies born around Odysseus. The power of social connection and community truly has the ability to transcend anything and everything! Which brings me to our current state of affairs.

My oh my! How radically has the world changed in just 6 short months! There are so many things to argue about nowadays. One thing that is indisputable is how important human health is and how severe of a health crisis we are in RIGHT NOW. We are truly at crossroads at this current moment, bombarded by “scientific” information and government mandates, conflicted by a fear-based Media that is sending us contradictory messages everyday.

In these times it is so important to adhere to basic truths, common sense, and time-tested practices that promote human health. At the very core of health and wellness, is our immune system. I have devoted myself intellectually and professionally to this issue for the past decade and while this field is constantly evolving and changing…some things have always been and will always be a constant. We are humans, homo sapiens .. and despite a (relatively short) spurt of evolution on this planet, in the last 60 years we have strayed VERY FAR AWAY from our evolutionary processes and limits. Beyond the “miracles” of refrigeration and industrial agriculture, humans have been exposed to an endless array of chemicals, preservatives and toxins that have transformed the way we eat, live and react to our environment. The collateral damage from all these interventions have had an EXTREME impact on our physiology. And in the recent past, the current global political “pandemic” has even put limits on some of our most basic human experiences…even breathing fresh air (unencumbered) in the sunlight (Vitamin D HELLO?!) has been put into question.

My work for the last 10 years has been focused on immune health, auto-immune diseases, major organ detoxification, and metabolic-based weight loss. Since 2015, I have been cultivating a 21-day Holistic Cleanse Program that has helped and healed hundreds of my beloved friends, family and clients. I have always been “Test Subject Number 1”, and as the perpetual guinea pig, this Cleanse has evolved over the years based on experience, results, and an evolving world around us. In my opinion, the Program has only gotten better and better. In light of the current state of the world, I want to offer a quarantine-friendly, immune-boosting, no-frills version of the Cleanse to my friends and clients.

Who wants to join me for a life-changing 21-Day Cleanse? If you are ready to release old patterns, create new pathways for lifelong health and vitality and redefine the way you look, eat, and live (in a rapidly changing world!), then this is the program for you. For any returning clients who would like to reconnect and join again, I welcome you!! Living in Greece for the last two years has really taught me a lot about simplicity, minimalism and I have adopted a “less is more” philosophy in many aspects of my life that also will apply to the Cleanse. Please contact me even if you are mildly curious. I am quickly forming a group for a September start date!



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